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  • Palo Alto Cheat sheet

    Show version command on Palo: >show system info Set management IP address:>configure#set deviceconfig system ip-address netmask set deviceconfig system ip-address <ip address> netmask <netmask> default-gateway <default gateway> dns-setting servers primary <DNS ip address>)#commit To see interfaces status:>show interface all Ping from a dataplane interface to a destination IP address:> ping source <ip-address-on-dataplane> host <destination-ip-address>…

  • VMFS – VmWare File System on linux

    apt-get install vmfs-tools fdisk –l The above shows that the vmfs file system is located on /dev/sdb3 The next command is to mount VMware VMFS partition: mkdir /home/a/Desktop/system and vmfs-fuse /dev/sdb3 /home/a/Desktop/system It’s done

  • Linux watchdog

    Simple watchdog script for monitoring linux processes (e.g. cgminer) #!/bin/bash NAME=cgminer START=”sudo -u pi screen -dmS cgminer /home/pi/cgminer/cgminer” GREP=/bin/grep PS=/bin/ps NOP=/bin/true DATE=/bin/date NOTIFY=person1email NOTIFYCC=person2email MAIL=/bin/mail RM=/bin/rm $PS -ef|$GREP -v grep|$GREP $NAME >/dev/null 2>&1 case “$?” in 0) # It is running in this case so we do nothing. $NOP ;; 1) echo “$NAME is NOT…